Steven Pinker

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Department of Psychology
Harvard University

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Recent Media Profiles and Interviews

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New Scientist, July 5, 2008.
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, Times Higher Education Supplement, Oct. 17, 2007
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, The Guardian, Sept. 22, 2007
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Interview, Cosmoetica, August 25, 2007
10 Questions for Steven Pinker, Gene Expression, 2006.
How Steven Pinker Works, The Harvard Crimson, November 4, 2005.
Time 100: The 100 Most Influential People in the World Today, Time, Apr 26, 2004
Boldface Professors, Education Life section, New York Times, Apr 25, 2004
The Rise of the Trophy Professor, Boston Globe Magazine, June 29, 2003.
Mind of a Teacher, The Guardian, June 24, 2003.
Darwin on the Mind, Jerusalem Post, May 2003.
Harvard raids MIT for eminent professor, Boston Globe, April 4, 2003.
Biology vs. the Blank Slate, Reason, Oct. 2002.
We are who we are or are we? USA Today, Oct. 3, 2002.
Haven't you heard? It's in the Genes, The Guardian, Sept. 25, 2002.
Scientist at Work: Steven Pinker, New York Times Science section, Sept. 17, 2002.
Questions for Steven Pinker, New York Times Magazine, Sept. 15, 2002.
Lunch with FT Interview, Financial Times, Sept. 12, 2002.
Cover story, Maclean's (Canada's newsmagazine), May 1, 2000.
Interview by John Koch, Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, Jan 23, 2000.
Steven Pinker: The Mind Reader, profile in The Guardian, November 6, 1999.
Gould, Pinker, Lewontin, Wilson: Who's the Fittest Evolutionist of them All?, Lingua Franca, Nov. 1999.
Pinker on the Brain, profile in Scientific American, July 1999.