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Women with crossed legs is what the bulk of readers want to see. Women with crossed legs wearing stockings is one of the top search terms for this site. Readers of this site want crossed legs but the designers and writers are more interested in string theory than g-strings.

Young woman in socks. We are trying to find pretty pictures of men in socks.

Rock star Sheryl Crow shows us how to sit with uncrossed legs and no skirt. She says, "The best way to solve problems is to not have enemies."

Cultural crossover: Guitarist Ry Cooder, with crossed arms, says, "Music is a treasure hunt. You dig and dig and sometimes you find something. In Cuba the music flows like a river. It takes care of you and rebuilds you from the inside out."


In response to popular demand,, presents a huge gallery of crossed legs. We are not fundamentalists, nor even purists, so we also show much of what we fancy, which this month includes some of the faces behind the attempts to find a theory of quantum gravity, ie the unification of quantum mechanics with Einstein's relativity (which is a theory of gravity). If that sounds a mouthful it's because it is: some ideas are difficult no matter how thinly you slice them.

Actress Famke Janssen

NEWS: Cross examination of Michael Jackson, "Sorry, I can't hear you. Yes, I am innocent of all charges made against me."

Dr. Fotini Markopoulou, Penn State. "I always thought that if we could look really close, space and space-time would turn out to be not smooth and geometrical, as in Einstein's theory, but 'bumpy' and made up of building blocks," says Markopoulou.

Professor Sau Lan Wu, Enrico Fermi and Vilas professor of Physics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Roger Penrose, author of 'The Road to Reality', says "Consciousness is the phenomenon whereby the universe's very existence is made known".

Louise Dolan is a mathematical physicist, string theorist and professor of physics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Columbia physicist, novelist and popularizer of string theory: "Why go to fiction all the time? Why not use real science? Extra dimensions, space tearing, that's wild stuff!"

Professor Steven Pinker of Harvard says: "The problem with the religious solution [to philosophical problems] was stated by Mencken when he wrote, 'Theology is the effort to explain the unknowable in terms of the not worth knowing.' For anyone with a persistent intellectual curiosity, religious explanations are not worth knowing because they pile equally baffling enigmas on top of the original ones."

Edward Witten, Princeton, brilliant mathematician and physicist, winner of the Fields Medal (the Nobel Prize for mathematics) and the originator of M-theory, a unification of five/six string theories. He says, "The theory of evolution is an amazing insight."

Lee Smolin, the "new Einstein", physicist and brain behind the theory of loop quantum gravity

Joey star Drea de Matteo on the Tonight show with Jay Leno. She outshines the dreary Leno and the witless Matt le Blanc, aka Joey

The crossroads: Blues musicians Keb Mo and Bonnie Raitt, who says: "Sometimes I'm more true when I'm up onstage than I'm able to be in my regular life. It's not as exciting to be at home".

Paula Zahn with crossed legs

Katie Couric (above and below) with her trademark bare and crossed legs

Dutch swimmer Inge de Bruijn

Dude in socks with x'd legs

Poet W.H. Auden's ugly mug caught in the crossfire. He wrote: "And always the loud angry crowd".

The Brian Jonestown Massacre, at cross purposes and self-destructive stars of the film, 'Dig'.

Super Cyrille Regis of WBA, Coventry, and England. The recipient of many cross balls.

G-string theorist professor Siri Skapovich in her underwear.

Actress Denise Richards, formerly Mrs. Martin Sheen, vamping it up for the camera with crossed legs

Actress Nia Long with crossed legs, of course

The crossed legs, sorta, of actress Nicole Kidman

X marks the spot: Uma Thurman bends over to pick up a dropped quarter

The Dandy Warhols, self-proclaimed geniuses though certainly not string theorists or mathematical physicists. We all have our crosses to bear, or indeed bare.

At cross-purposes with the Man: Gina Gershon & Drea de Matteo, two of the most talented and underused actresses in Hollywood, in "Prey for rock & roll".



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As a service to readers, we help you find this site by providing these search terms: Crossed legs gallery; women with crossed legs; men in socks; crossed legs in thigh highs; crossed legs in pantyhose; tanned legs; slim legs; pretty feet and toes; string theory; crossed legs and g strings; Katie Couric and Paula Zahn with crossed legs; models with stockings; mathematical physics; loop quantum gravity. Gallery of crossed legs images and photographs.