Steven Pinker

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Department of Psychology
Harvard University
Best American Science and Nature Writing The Blank Slate Words and Rules How the Mind Works The Language Instinct Learnability and Cognition Language Learnability and Language Development Edited Academic Volumes


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•'s 100 Best Books of the Century and 10 Best Books of the 1990s.
•William James Book Prize, Division of General Psychology, American Psychological Association, 1999.
•Los Angeles Times Book Prize in Science and Technology, 1998.
•Finalist, Pulitzer Prize, nonfiction, 1998.
•Finalist, Rhone-Poulenc Science Book Prize, 1999.
•Finalist, National Book Critics Circle Award, nonfiction, 1998.
•Finalist, Winship Prize, PEN New England, nonfiction, 1998.
•Literary Light Award, Boston Public Library Associates, 1998.
•Books to Remember (25 best of 1997), New York Public Library, 1998.