Steven Pinker

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Department of Psychology
Harvard University
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A remarkable book—stimulating, fearless, immensely learned, and a pleasure to read.
—Orlando Patterson, author of The Ordeal of Integration

A mind-blowing, mind-opening exposé... In characteristically erudite, analytic and provocative style, Pinker illustrates how convictions of dubious validity about human nature have ruled institutions on an epic scale. His profoundly positive arguments for the compatiblity of biology and humanism are unrivaled for their scope and depth and should be mandatory, if disquieting, reading.
—Patricia Goldman-Rakic, Eugene Higgins Professor of Nueroscience, Yale University

With a powerful combination of erudition, style, and courage, Steven Pinker shatters taboos on all sides as he restores the concept of human nature to its proper place—at the center of how we think about ourselves and our communities.
—Michael Lind, coauthor of The Radical Center

In a work of outstanding clarity, sheer brilliance, and unmitigated good sense, Steven Pinker banishes forever fears that a biological understanding of human nature threatens humane values.
—Helena Cronin, author of The Ant and the Peacock

A brilliant book... The Blank Slate is not just a debunking job but explains wonderfully fascinating alternatives to the social constructionist mindset. And it is so very well written and entertaining that it's bound to generate great interest and enthusiasm.
—Denis Dutton, editor of Arts and Letters Daily

This tour de force takes the reader on an unforgettable voyage... With this magnum opus, a new polymath arrives on the world intellectual scene.
—Martin Seligman, former president, American Psychological Association; author of Learned Helplessness and Authentic Happiness

The best book on human nature that I or anyone else will ever read. Truly a magnificent job.
—Matt Ridley, author of Genome

The ideas in this book introduce exciting new considerations for conflict resolution and peacemaking that go deeper than conventional analyses.
—M. James Wilkinson, former deputy U.S. representative, UN Security Council

A humane and thoughtful book, The Blank Slate will surprise many who are fearful of the 'consequences' of a biologically informed conception of what it means to be human.
—Eugenie Scott, executive director, National Center for Science Education