Steven Pinker

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Department of Psychology
Harvard University
Best American Science and Nature Writing The Blank Slate Words and Rules How the Mind Works The Language Instinct Learnability and Cognition Language Learnability and Language Development Edited Academic Volumes

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Excerpts, Adaptations, and Feature Articles

Feature article, The Guardian, Nov. 6, 1999.
Feature article, The Times, Oct. 20, 1999.
Feature article, The Oregonian, Oct. 26, 1999.
Adaptation in The Daily Telegraph, Nov. 13, 1999.
Adaptation in Time, Nov. 1, 1999, "Horton Heared a Who!"
Adaptation in Times Literary Supplement, Oct. 29, 1999, "Regular Habits."
"There Will Always be an English," Op-Ed article, New York Times, Dec. 24, 1999.