Steven Pinker's photographs of the Amazon 
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Bat falcon Festive Amazon parrots Manaus opera house Piro Queen Victoria lily Victoria lily pads baby sloth with mother backlit bank of Amazon
bird-of-paradise-like plant black-capped mocking-thrush black-collared hawk blue-gray tanager blueberry peach branch w Versicolored emerald hummingbird branch with White-throated toucan bright tree cayman crocodile
children at river house closeup squirrel monkey clouds above Amazon bank cloudscape with rainbow couple of nightjars curly vine w white-winged swallow customs house Manaus daughter & mother in motorboat dead tree w reflection
displaying Wattled Jacana dried shrimp vendor Manaus dusk with river houses face to face with a squirrel monkey farm on Amazon bank fisherman with fish flame ginger flycatcher glimpse of howler monkey