Steven Pinker's photographs of Israel 
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Arab market Jerusalem 1 Arizal synagogue Safed Breslover family Breslover poster edge of Safed Caspian turtle in Hula Lake Caspian turtle punim Citadel Tower of David old Jerusalem Dan River Dome of the Rock
Egyptian vulture European bee-eater in flight European goldfinch Foerster Hats Galilee and Golan from Safed Gamla River Gamla canyon wall with griffon vultures Gamla falls Golan sunset from Safed
Hula Valley & Golan Heights Hula swamp w squacco heron Israelite Gate Tel Dan Jerusalem house Jerusalem panorama Jordan River Mea Shearim Muslim cemetary Jerusalem Na Nach Nachman Brelover hasidic graffiti
Nimrod castle Russian Orthodox St Mary Magdalene cemetary garden Safed alley Safed cemetary Safed lunch bar with Yemeni owner Safed stairway St Mary Magdalene Russian Orthodox Church Tel Dan Western Wall