Steven Pinker's photographs of New Mexico 
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Aguirre Springs 2 Las Cruces high desert sunset Missile Part White Sands National Missile Range Organ Mountains 1 Rabbit Ears Spire Rio Grande NM San Andres Pass Sierra Blanca from White Sands White Sands National Monument 1
White Sands dune alpenglow on Organ Mts Las Cruces boarded up store Lake Valley NM ghost town cactus & Organ Mountains cactus wren covered wagon desert light desert plant desert sunset with car
frosty flowers ghost town Lake Valley NM high desert Las Cruces NM interior of store Lake Valley NM ghost town interstate Tularosa Desert mountain in alpenglow mountain range from White Sands night desert sky2 observatory and Rabbit Ears Spire 2
panorama Organ Mountains peppers purple mountain near Rio Grande NM pyrrhuloxia desert cardinal pyrrhuloxia on cactus 2 ranch along Rio Grande NM red mountain near Rio Grande NM roadside power cables starry desert sky