Steven Pinker's photographs of Cape Cod V 
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American Goldfinch at Wellfleet Wildlife Sanctuary Big Dipper over Provincetown Black-Capped Chickadee at Wellfleet Wildlife Sanctuary Blue Skies & Blue Ocean Cape Cod Bay panorama recoded Chipping Sparrow with seed Coast Guard cutter @ Long Point Dan Quail Downy Woodpecker at Wellfleet Wildlife Sanctuary
Head of the Meadow meadow High Head view of East Harbor Hillside Farm July 4 Provincetown 1 July 4 Provincetown 2 Moon Pond gnarly trees w green heron Moors with blue heron Nauset Coast Guard Lifesaving Station Nauset Marsh inlet w snowy egret
Pamet Harbor and Corn Hill from Poor's Hill Pamet Harbor summer sunset Pamet Park sunburst Poor's Hill view Red-Breasted Merganser flapping Red-Winged Blackbird The Terns Tufted Titmouse at Wellfleet Wildlife sanctuary White-Breasted Nuthatch with insect
White-Throated Sparrow angry least tern angry prairie warbler baby painted turtle black racer snake portrait boat in Pamet Harbor channel bunny nibbling grass cactus flowers cedar waxwing on upper Pamet 1